sculpIT is a mobile fitness matching app that helps
connect people to qualified Personal Trainers.

With 1 swipe, any person can find the ideal match for personal trainer that matches basic requirements for location and style, and the personal trainers can optimize their schedule and commute. Whenever there's a match: Bingo! Personal trainers and student trainee will be able to communicate in app to move forward in scheduling and other arrangements. We integrate with Facebook© so setup is simple and seamless

Many personal trainers in large metropolitan areas are challenged by the time spent commuting between classes.

On other areas, the professional located in a 15 min drive town is not necessarily visible for the potential consumers in a short car drive radius.

This happens to be a global reality with the fitness market boom.

sculpIT was founded by a Computer Engineer and a Personal Trainer.

sculpIT has the fitness professional at the core in its proposal to be the agent of change making the future of the relationship between the personal and the student a reality today.