fragmented vision elements


Our vision was bold and was strong. We opted italic for openess over hierarchy , risk over stability. Innovation ober the tried-and-true versus the proven and done. Rapid deployment experimentatio driving innovation. We wanted the best in class to deliver technoloy for (;;) { ... }. while speaking the laguage of the pros this is a link.

The original was (still is) is a mobile fitness matching app that helps connect people to qualified Personal Trainers. = sculpIT v.2 = sculpIT v.3 = sculpIT v.4

The first vision

With 1 swipe, any person can find the ideal match for personal trainer that matches basic requirements for location and style, and the personal trainers can optimize their schedule and commute. Whenever there's a match: Bingo! Personal trainers and student trainee will be able to communicate in app to move forward in scheduling and other arrangements. We integrate with Facebook© so setup is simple and seamless.

Fitness + Software Engineeing

i = 0;

while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
    print 'Iteration ' + i;

print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to draft the business model.';


Long Term

  • Revenue stream from database.
  • Value added: fee tiers, free tier?.
  • Self sustainable, always.

Longer Term

  • Self funding non-negotiable.
  • Alternate revenue streams from the get go.
  • Be known as world class tech for health & wellness.

Short Term

  1. Build a database of professionals.
  2. The go to app for Personal Trainers.
  3. Tool to manage their hectic routine.
  4. Strong social media presence (interaction).
  5. Sign up with social media.
  6. Open to radical ideas/changes.

Social Media Presence


The First Steps

Original Startup Plan

Step Description Outcomme
Emphasize Brainstorm, splice the Tech with the Fitness DNA Definition
Define Determine audience, create vision & business model. Vision
Ideate Share the vision, participate in events, feedback. Business Model
Prototype Kick off social media & open pre-release app version. Running app
Proof of Concept Hear directly from the target audience. Published app
Public Beta Release


Brickwall Description Consequence
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


  • Reusability
  • Fast Deploy

Retiring Professional Registration (for now)

Broader Scope

sculpIT Ecosystem

End to End

Many personal trainers in large metropolitan areas are challenged by the time spent commuting between classes. On other areas, the professional located in a 15 min drive town is not necessarily visible for the potential consumers in a short car drive radius.

This happens to be a global reality with the fitness market boom. The original was founded by a Computer Engineer and a Personal Trainer. has the fitness professional at the core in its proposal to be the agent of change making the future of the relationship between the personal and the student a reality today.